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Train and upskill anyone in just 5Mins a day

Harness the power of AI to deliver impactful training and upskilling in minutes, not months

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Train smarter, not harder: We automate, you empower

At we understand how busy HR and Talent Development teams are. That's why our platform streamlines training, freeing you to focus on what matters most: fostering a culture of learning, and empowering your team to grow. 

Find out how you have training up and running within 7 days from today with


Personalised learning at scale 

We have over 20,000 micro-lessons across more than 200 skills delivered through personalised learning paths leveraging AI, ensuring each lesson aligns with individual roles and development goals.

Whether to cover all your orgs L&D needs or to enhance your existing training, our skills-based approach focuses on practical, targeted learning.


Personalise learning at scale with AI

Our in-built AI technology serves highly personalised lessons to our users, based on role based skill taxonomies. 

With our existing library of 20,000+ micro-lessons from world class instructors, we enable you to empower your employees' continuous growth, specifically tailored to their roles, along with any internal training you have.  

Learn from leading experts

Experience unparalleled learning on our platform, as we bring together over 200 industry experts from leading organisations to guide you through our lessons.

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and insights shared by these trailblazers, ensuring a world-class learning experience tailored to your success.

Download our full course catalog to see how we can help tailor your employees' growth. 

Boost engagement by 6 - 10x

Our platform makes learning social, gamified and rewarding for teams. Leaderboards, skill points, skill certifications and peer-learning capabilities keep your talent motivated to return and learn every day

Let your employees learn through the apps they use every day, like Slack and Teams.

Accelerate internal training for quicker ramp

Explore further with one of our consultants and see why teams in 80+ countries love learning with our platform.

What gets measured can be developed

Measure skill progression and monitor learning impact with real-time insights across individuals and teams




"5Mins has allowed our employees to own their learning and development. It's a solution that is easily accessible, engaging, and cost-effective. We've seen increased interest in our internal content, and it has become a valuable tool in empowering our employees to explore different areas of development."

Mona Akiki

Chief People Officer

See how can transform your training and upskilling strategy

Explore further with one of our consultants and see why teams in 80+ countries love learning with our platform.

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