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June 25, 2024

How to Build an L&D Programme with a Lean People Team

A robust L&D programme boosts retention, fosters innovation, and improves performance. This post provides a guide for...
June 20, 2024

Why use the flipped classroom approach for leadership training?

In HR, continuous learning and development are not optional – they're essential. But with growing workloads and limited...
June 18, 2024

What is the Flipped Classroom Approach?

Imagine a classroom where learners come prepared with foundational knowledge, eager to delve deeper through engaging...
June 6, 2024

Procrastination: What, Why, and How to Beat It

Procrastination - voluntarily delaying tasks even when we know it will have negative consequences - can significantly...
June 4, 2024

Use Gamification to Enhance Your Learning

Learning can often feel like a chore. But nothing is stopping it from being fun, engaging and competitive. Here’s how...
May 28, 2024

How to Manage Customer Support in a Crisis

It can feel difficult to maintain customer support during a crisis, especially when you can be met by far more customer...
May 21, 2024

How to Build Strong Relationships in a Virtual World as a HR Professional

Building relationships within your team as a HR professional can be very challenging, especially with the rise of...
May 17, 2024

Overcome Workplace Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any workplace. Differing personalities, communication styles, and priorities can all lead...
May 16, 2024

How can you get the most out of your time investment in learning and development?

Organising effective learning and development training can be difficult as a HR professional. Here are some tips to...
May 15, 2024

AI in HR: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we work and access information. In the realm of HR, AI can...

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