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5Mins Product Brochure Platform Brochure

Give every employee the most engaging learning experience with the eLearning platform.


5Mins - CIPD

Thrive As HR Leaders in the Era of ChatGPT and AI - 5 Actionable Strategies 


5Mins Learning Technologies

Supercharge L&D with ChatGPT & Generative AI - 7 Impactful Use Cases


5Mins - Linkedin Live

Transform Employee Engagement With ChatGPT and Generative AI - 5 Use cases


5Mins - World of Learning

Maximising Learning Impact With Microlearning - A Gen-Z and Millennial Perspective


5Mins - The state of Microlearning in 2023

The State of Microlearning in 2023

Discover the latest trends and advancements in microlearning through this comprehensive white paper for 2023.


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Skills Matrix Templates

We've researched hundreds of job listings and mapped out all the hard AND soft skills for each and every role, across 10 different functions- so you don’t have to!


Managers initiatives calendar (3)

Leadership Training Calendar

Plan your leadership initiatives around key dates with our training calendar for your managers.


Employee initiatives calendar

Employee Training Calendar

Plan your key initiatives around key dates with our training calendar.


Microlearning (11)

Your Guide to L&D Solutions

Pick the right L&D solution to facilitate learning that matches your organisation's needs.


product video

The eLearning Platform

See why employees in 80+ countries love learning with

See how 5Mins can transform your L&D strategy

Explore 5Mins further with one of our learning experts and see why employees in 70+ countries love learning with 5Mins.

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