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Frozen Days

Our People

We're looking for the most brilliant minds across the world to help us transform the way companies train their employees.

At 5Mins, we're on a mission to help create a new generation of learners armed with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. Our vision is to evolve workplace learning past the need for disengaging training and tedious courses.

To get there, we need the brightest, most creative and inspiring talent in the world—and that's where you come in!

Our Values

Our values are integral to who we are, and we like to think it’s what’s helped us grow and put us on the path to achieving our mission. Our 5Mins team are not just employees, they’re people with different talents, interests, likes and dislikes. Who fit together, united by our mission and, exemplify our core values.

Do more of what makes you proud

Work with purpose, strive for impact

Challenge yourself

Leave your comfort zone, be unafraid of challenging the status quo

Obsess over customers

Listen to the customer intensely, they are our North Star

Openness at all times

Be transparent, create visibility for others

Face challenges, together

Your challenges are your team’s, your team’s challenges are yours

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