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Press Release: 5Mins AI Concludes 2023 With Broad Suite of New Capabilities

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5Mins AI Concludes 2023 With Broad Suite of New Capabilities



[London, UK – 13th December 2023] 5Mins AI, leading skill building and workplace learning platform, has concluded 2023 with four new features, representing a sweeping update to their product offering. The new features are:

  • Bite-sized PDF lessons 
  • Skills certificates for each stage of a user’s personalised skills map
  • In-depth case study assessments following playlists 
  • New managerial controls

These updates come after the conclusion of wide-ranging client and industry consultations in which identified key L&D priorities for 2024. The result of the consultations has led to the utilisation of AI to diversify learning provision and develop rigorous assessment milestones. 

The widely anticipated launch of 5Mins AI’s PDF lessons has been met with enthusiasm from users, as the platform will now offer Instagram-like tiles for users to flick through, delivering bite-sized text lessons which maximise learning efficiency and engagement. The release of this capability came with the simultaneous launch of 150+ text lessons from 20+ creators.

The new Skill Certificates will allow users to track their progress and celebrate key learning milestones within the app and on social platforms such as LinkedIn. Structured assessments will act as a progress checker, ensuring users retain their key learnings before progressing from beginner to advanced, and from advanced to master. Updates to the user feed create an all new experience, complete with a continuous display of where users are up to in their individualised learning pathway. 

In depth assessments will now follow at the end of playlists, including interactive case studies with real-world examples to allow users to put new learning points into practice right away. 

New managerial controls allow managers to directly assign lessons to direct reports. This solidifies the virtuous cycle between monitoring and corrective action to fill identified skills gaps within teams. 

Supporting users to build their own team-centred learning culture, the new update will allow team managers, rather than just admins, to upload and assign their own content. This means that team managers will be empowered to shape and support the learning journeys of their direct-reports. 

“I am so excited to share this ambitious and forward-looking update to our platform with users. At, we are constantly innovating, constantly introducing new elements to help businesses foster effective and efficient learning,” commented Saurav Chopra, CEO at “With this huge new update, we are furthering that mission. This is a wonderful time to be a user, as we continue to build a stronger and stronger micro-learning tool through listening to user feedback and using cutting edge technology to drive our innovation.”


About, the TikTok-styled Skills and Learning platform, helps HR and L&D teams develop all their employees efficiently and effectively, no matter what their role.

With 20,000+ micro-lessons from world-leading instructors covering 200+ essential technical, soft and life skills, the 5Mins elearning platform is used by diverse workforces across leading brands such as Dropbox, Pitney Bowes, Perkbox and many more.

Its AI-powered personalisation, social learning and gamification helps companies keep their learners engaged, while the science-backed micro-learning approach boosts their long-term knowledge retention.



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