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Press Release: CEO of Releases Brand New Data and Calls on HR Leaders to Prioritise AI Upskilling

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CEO of Releases Brand New Data and Calls on HR Leaders to Prioritise AI Upskilling

  • 84% of people believe AI and machine learning will have the biggest impact on the future of work
  • 98% of people believe upskilling and reskilling are important parts of their career development.
  • Only 75% of employees feel they can prioritise their upskilling and reskilling. 

[London, UK– 8th September 2023] 5Mins AI, a leading AI-powered skill building and workplace elearning platform, today announced the release of  new proprietary data gathered anonymously from 7,000+ users. With the analysis of this new data, CEO Saurav Chopra called on HR leaders to put AI upskilling and AI enablement ‘top of the agenda’ in light of evidence that employees see AI as the major change-maker in the future of work.

“With the release of this new data, we now know the vast majority, 84%, of employees can see that the AI revolution is here,” comments CEO Saurav Chopra. “It’s important that HR and L&D teams act on this information and implement relevant upskilling programs, to show employees their organisation is going to be ahead of the curve, not playing catch up.” 

Further analysis from learning specialists at indicates that the contrast between the 98% of professionals who believe upskilling to be an important factor in their career development, and the 75% who prioritise it, is due to a number of factors including time pressure, lack of upskilling resources, and even employee burnout.

Expanding on his call to action to the HR and L&D community, Mr Chopra went on to set out a checklist of 5 key action points for leaders to proactively meet the AI upskilling challenge:

  1. Familiarise themselves with AI tools, integrate them into their day-to-day
  2. Champion ethical and secure AI practices
  3. Enhance the employee experience with AI tools
  4. Drive continuous upskilling across the company, champion AI-related skills
  5. Plan for, and guide, change

“HR leaders have to be at the centre of AI upskilling and champion L&D efforts in AI,” concludes Chopra. “The opportunity presented by AI is huge, and HR leaders can take a pioneering role in making them a reality.”


About, the TikTok-styled Skills and Learning platform, helps HR and L&D teams develop all their employees efficiently and effectively, no matter what their role.

With 20,000+ micro-lessons from world-leading instructors covering 200+ essential technical, soft and life skills, the 5Mins elearning platform is used by diverse workforces across leading brands such as Dropbox, Pitney Bowes, Perkbox and many more.

Its AI-powered personalisation, social learning and gamification helps companies keep their learners engaged, while the science-backed micro-learning approach boosts their long-term knowledge retention.



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