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Mohammed-Mudassir Ali

Mohammed-Mudassir Ali

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April 23, 2024

5 Insights from on What Makes Good Leaders

What makes a great leader? There’s a million insights from a million people on qualities they believe to be a priority...
April 10, 2024

5 Prompts to Get More Out of Bard and ChatGPT

Large language models (LLMs) like Bard and ChatGPT are powerful tools, but they can be like having a brilliant but...
April 9, 2024

5 AI Tools to Boost Productivity at Work

AI productivity tools are revolutionising the way we work. Use them the right way and they can help save an incredible...
April 5, 2024

AI for Marketing - How to Optimise Campaigns and Save Time

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies can feel like a...
April 2, 2024

Leadership Trends in 2024: Leading with Authenticity

As we step into 2024, the landscape of leadership is undergoing a profound transformation, influenced by shifts in...
March 27, 2024

Decoding Learning Tech: LXP vs. LMS - What's Right For You?

In the era of digital transformation, the options for employee learning tools are vast. Learning Management Systems...
March 15, 2024

Unlocking Leadership Brilliance: The Art of Improvisation

Immerse yourself in the transformative realm of leadership through improvisation. Discover the power of spontaneous...
March 12, 2024

Mastering Remote Work Engagement: Connect Your Team

In the past year, employee engagement has taken center stage, especially with the rise of remote work. The landscape is...
March 8, 2024

Learning & Development through Neuroscience

In the fast-paced world of workplace learning, understanding the intricacies of how our brains absorb information is a...

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