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Unveiling the Art of Six Leadership Styles


Attention, aspiring leaders! In this blog inspired by Suzanne Matson's enlightening lesson, "What's Your Leadership Style?", we embark on a journey to understand and optimize six distinctive leadership styles.


The Authoritative Visionary: Leading with Purpose

Meet the authoritative leader, a visionary who sets the tone and paints a compelling picture of the future. Suzanne explains how they inspire without dictating, saying, "Come with me. Look at where we're going." Dive into the art of creating a vision that captivates and motivates.

The Empowering Coach: Guiding Others to Success

Explore the coaching style, a leadership approach centered on unlocking individual potential. Suzanne emphasizes the power of asking questions, helping others find their answers. Discover the coaching magic with questions like "What are you trying to achieve?" and "What are your first steps?"

The Collaborative Democrat: Sharing Leadership Space

In the democratic style, leaders step back, sharing the problem space with the team. Suzanne highlights the importance of collaborative decision-making. Learn how democratic leaders foster a sense of shared responsibility, empowering the team to voice their opinions.

The Heart-Centric Affiliator: Prioritizing Harmony

Delve into the affiliative style, a heart-centered approach that places people first. Suzanne discusses how this style emphasizes harmony within the team. Understand the significance of building relationships and fostering a positive team environment.

The Exemplary Pacesetter: Leading by Example

Meet the pacesetting leader, setting high standards and leading by example. Suzanne explores the hands-on approach of rolling up sleeves and working alongside the team. Understand the impact of demonstrating how tasks should be done and setting performance standards.

The Commanding Director: Effective in Crises

Uncover the commanding style, effective in crisis situations. Suzanne notes its limitations but acknowledges its appropriateness in emergencies. Explore the balance between assertiveness and empowerment, recognizing when to use this style judiciously.

Discover Your Dominant Style and Thrive

Suzanne challenges you to reflect on your leadership tendencies. Which style do you find yourself using most? Understand the nuances of each and learn to adapt to different situations. Remember, a mix of styles is powerful. Explore more leadership insights at and elevate your leadership journey.


This blog was inspired by the thought-provoking insights from Susanne Madsen. Dive into the world of leadership at for continuous learning.

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