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Chat GPT and AI for Sales: Identifying Pain Points and Target Personas

In the fast-paced world of sales, understanding your target personas and identifying pain points, but generative AI can make things significantly more efficient. In this blog post, based on micro-lessons create by the Sales Academy we'll explore how you can harness these AI technologies to streamline your sales strategy and make more informed decisions.

Defining Your Ideal Customer Persona

To effectively target your audience, you need a clear understanding of your ideal customer persona. Start by using a prompt like this:

"I sell a database technology to companies. These are the outcomes we provide:

1) Help engineers develop applications faster

2) Help companies get new products to market faster

3) Help companies maintain compliance with security protocols easier

4) Help companies scale their database infrastructure automatically

What departments within companies should I target for my sales outreach?"

This prompt helps you define your target departments within organizations based on the outcomes your product or service delivers. It's a crucial step in tailoring your sales approach.


Drilling Deeper into Each Persona

Once you've identified your target departments, it's essential to understand their specific needs, challenges, and how your solution can help. Use a prompt like this:

"For each of those departments, summarize below points. Return the data in tabular format, with the below points as column headers. Each department will have its own row. Here are the points to summarize:

1) What individuals in each department care about as it relates to business outcomes

2) How individuals in each department spend their time to achieve business outcomes

3) What individuals in each department often struggle with to achieve those business outcomes

4) How the database solution I sell may be able to help individuals in each department"

This prompt helps you create a detailed profile of each department's needs and pain points, allowing you to craft a targeted and effective sales strategy.


Leveraging GPT's Knowledge

GPT, with its vast knowledge, can provide valuable insights into competitors of a given company. It can save you considerable time and effort in finding relevant information. You can use Chat GPT to research industry trends, identify competitors, and gather insights about market positioning, customer satisfaction, and more. Some sample questions you can ask include:

  • "What are the top trends in [industry]?"
  • "Who are the main competitors of [existing customer/client's company]? What are their unique selling points and market positions?"
  • "Can you provide a comparison between [existing customer/client's company] and its top competitors in terms of market share, customer satisfaction, or product features?"
  • "What are some successful strategies or tactics employed by [existing customer/client's company]'s competitors in capturing market share or attracting customers?"
  • "How do customers perceive [existing customer/client's company] compared to its competitors? Are there any common pain points or areas of improvement?"

These questions can help you gather insights to refine your sales strategy and address customer pain points more effectively.


Note on GPT and Bard

It's essential to be aware that GPT's knowledge is based on information available until 2021. Therefore, any new competitors or companies may not be included in GPT's responses. In scenarios where real-time data is crucial, Bard can be a valuable option. Bard is designed to provide more up-to-date information, ensuring you have access to the latest competitor details.



In conclusion, the combination of Chat GPT and generative AI tools like Bard can significantly enhance your sales efforts. By understanding your target personas and identifying pain points, you can tailor your approach, provide more relevant solutions, and ultimately improve your sales success. So, why not give these powerful AI tools a try and unlock new possibilities for your sales strategy?


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