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Onboarding: A Strategic Guide for HR in Scaling Companies


Welcome to a transformative journey into the realm of strategic onboarding and HR practices tailored for scaling companies. In this blog, we'll delve into key insights from the enlightening video on "Hiring and Onboarding for Scale" by First Round Capital and Greylock. Let's unravel the strategies that pave the way for seamless onboarding training.


1. The Three Pillars of a Head of Growth:

Understanding the role of a Head of Growth is crucial for scaling success. Explore the three core responsibilities: contributing to data models, organizing testing programs, and identifying scalable customer acquisition channels. Learn how these pillars form the foundation for effective leadership in growth.

2. Organic Growth Before Scaling:

Discover the golden rule: you can't sustainably grow something that lacks organic appeal. Before diving into hiring a growth team, ensure your product demonstrates organic growth. Learn why organic growth is the bedrock, making hiring a Head of Growth the fuel that propels your already successful product further.

3. Substance Over Title:

Don't fall for titles; seek substance in your growth lead. Opt for a Head of Growth who understands the delicate balance between science and art. Explore why a growth lead should be a product person, bridging the gap between data-driven strategies and the value of a quality product experience.

4. Cultural Fit in Hiring:

Navigate the hiring process with a focus on cultural fit. Learn from Survey Monkey's approach, which blends mission alignment and cultural resonance. Discover how flexibility in accommodating diverse needs, such as maternity leave or unique work arrangements, contributes to a thriving and inclusive work environment.

5. The Art of Hiring Without Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions can be limiting. Explore the art of hiring without them, focusing on the individual's ability to grasp complex concepts and execute in specific environments. Uncover the importance of direct referrals and how they often lead to more successful hires than traditional interviews.

6. Balancing Specialists and Generalists:

Strike a harmonious balance between specialists and generalists in your organization. Understand the dynamics of hiring individuals with specific skill sets versus nurturing homegrown talent. Discover how a mix of experience and raw talent contributes to the long-term success of your team.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Onboarding and HR Strategies

As you embark on the journey of scaling your company, mastering the art of onboarding and HR strategies is paramount. Let the insights from "Hiring and Onboarding for Scale" guide you toward building a robust and growth-oriented team. Ready to explore more lessons like this? Visit for a continuous learning experience.


This blog was inspired by the invaluable insights from the video by First Round Capital and Greylock. Elevate your learning journey with

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