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A Deep Dive into Developing Transferable Skills For Your Career


In today's fast-paced job market, the key to staying ahead lies in the mastery of transferable skills. Let's delve into some top tips for developing these invaluable skills.


Understanding Transferable Skills: The Bedrock of Career Agility

In a world where technological shifts prompt career changes at a breakneck pace, identifying the right skills is pivotal. That's where transferable skills come in – those portable, adaptable qualities that transcend job roles, and can withstand the shocks and changes of new tech, new regulations, and new ways of working. Upskilling becomes the game-changer, and developing these transferable skills is the first step toward career progression.

The Thought Experiment: Unveiling Your Transferable Skills

Try this thought experiment: Imagine stepping into an entirely unfamiliar role – a scenario akin to Tom Hanks in the movie "Big." What actions would you take to fit in and perform effectively? It's a crazy idea, but it makes you think about the foundational skills you can fall back on even in the most disorientating scenario. The answer likely lies in two core transferable skill categories: people skills and originality of thought. These are the bedrock for navigating uncharted professional territories, so it's important to make sure they are rock solid.

Developing Transferable Skills: A Personal Journey

Identifying transferable skills is merely the beginning. Improving soft skills is no mean feat, there's a reason these all important skills are so often linked to our personal qualities, attributes, upbringing, even our ways of thinking. They tend to be situational and nonspecific in nature. Unlike hard skills, quantifiable and teachable, soft skills demand a personalised learning approach. The key is understanding your individual context and tailoring the learning process accordingly. This means asking yourself the hard questions, or having frank conversations with your colleagues about where you need to improve. Ask yourself: am I better at listening or explaining? If you consider yourself a strongly persuasive communicator, that's awesome! But it might still be the case that you'd benefit from working on your active listening. On the other hand, if you're more introverted, you're probably a highly skilled listener, but you could work on upskilling your public speaking, persuasion and trust-building. 

Navigating Soft Skills: Resourceful Guides

There are a host of useful resources available to help you, such as the Harvard Transferable Skills Inventory, or the Skills Matrixes– both of which are a treasure trove for those embarking on the journey of skill enhancement. Explore major transferable skills and their sub-skills, offering a structured roadmap for improvement. It's important to nail down the skills you want to improve precisely, so you can go about making a targeted effort to redress any skills gaps you have. To avoid being over-faced, you could select just three skills (e.g. Stakeholder Management; Decision-making; and Teamwork), and focus your efforts there first. 

Steps to Skill Enhancement: Charting Your Course

Navigating the path to skill enhancement requires taking practical steps. Where you have identified your area for improvement, and narrowed down a specific skill you want to improve, then it's time to get learning. Seek out peer-to-peer mentorship from someone you have identified as being a champion: the best public speaker; the best stakeholder manager. And don't stop there. Learning from experts is where learners see the fastest progress. Check out coaches, founders, CEOs and business experts sharing their insights on their platforms, YouTube channel, blog, or in micro-lesson formats on Personalised improvement strategies are essential get a head start in deciphering the nuanced landscape of soft skill development.

Empower Your Career: Mastering Transferable Skills

Embark on a transformative journey to master transferable skills. Personalised learning strategies can offer a head start in navigating the complex realm of soft skills. Elevate your career and explore more lessons at for continuous learning.


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