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Sendbird is the leading user engagement platform trusted by modern digital apps like Reddit and Hinge. We're here to teach you all you need to know about Product Management and Software Development.


 Product Strategy    Software Design Principles    Product Development  

Parker Rex

Parker Rex

Parker Rex is the former VP of a tech team that supports food delivery in 42 cities and now the CEO of Rapture. He’s obsessed with making things, and sharing everything he has learned about technology, product management and product design.

 Product Strategy    UI/UX Research   UI/UX Design and Development    Software Design Principles    Graphic and Digital Design    Agile Methodologies   Product Development 

Development That Pays

Development That Pays

Development That Pays takes a business-focused look at what's working now in software development. They feature lessons learned from inside the development teams of companies such as The Economist, Sainsbury's and BBC Worldwide.

 Product Strategy    Project Management    Teamwork & Collaboration    Software Design Principles    Entrepreneurial Thinking    Agile Methodologies   Product Development 

Vibhor Chandel

Vibhor Chandel

Join Vibhor Chandel, Global Head of Agile and Executive Agile Leadership Coach, as he shares how to achieve Business Agility.

 Product Strategy    Emotional Intelligence    People Management    Decision Making    Creative Thinking    Agile Methodologies   Software Testing & Deployment   Product Development   Teamwork & Collaboration   Growth Mindset 

Product Teacher

Product Teacher

Award-winning PM career coach & classroom instructor. Clement Kao has shipped 10 multi-million dollar products at Movoto and Blend, and continues to launch new high-impact products. He is a 3x bestselling author with multiple books and best-practice essays on product management - totaling 300+ publications. Featured by 100+ orgs worldwide. Now he brings all his expertise on 5Mins!

 Product Strategy   Product Development 

Diego Granados

Diego Granados

Join Diego, PM at Microsoft, as he interviews and shares the greatest insights and expert advice from PMs across the globe at leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and many more!

 Product Strategy    Influence & Persuasion    Product Development 

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Personalised Library to Build Product Trailblazers

Gain the confidence and credibility you need to lead cross-functional initiatives and bring physical and digital products to life. We develop Product teams holistically - by focusing on the hard and power skills they need to drive their craft forward.

From soft skills like Teamwork and Communication to create cohesive cultures. To hard skills like Product Strategy and Agile Methodologies.




Stay Up-to-Speed with Micro-Learning

Our micro-lessons are the fastest way for busy product teams and managers to boost their expertise.

Stay ahead of the curve with a constantly updated library packed with the latest and greatest techniques for building your product knowledge. Get all the wisdom from expert PMs across leading brands (we’re talking Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and more) in the best form. Bite-sized! 


Strengthen Your Technical Skills

Build the technical skills you need to champion your product strategy. Learn the fundamentals of today by upskilling on crucial engineering concepts, data analysis and visualisation.


"My favourite thing about 5Mins is the quality of the video lessons - there was content from some of my favourite thinkers in the product world."

Duncan Thompson
Product Manager, Doctify
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