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Streamline your internal training can bite-size any existing training material by 60 - 80% speeding up training by 3 - 5x. Upload, host, assign and track all your training materials in one place.  

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Why use


Supercharge onboarding and enablement

Save valuable time by streamlining training processes, allowing employees to spend more time on their core tasks.


Scalable deployment

Deploy training campaigns company-wide or focus on specific departments, customising playlists and training paths to meet your organisation's goals with minimal admin effort. 


Better engagement 

Our bite-sized format has improved internal onboarding module completion rates by up to 40% for clients all over the world

Get the tools to deliver exceptional training

Upload PDF, video, and audio lessons straight to with the click of a button.
Craft customised learning paths for individuals to deliver highly personalised and relevant content to your team. 
Create and assign courses on using your content. Keep a track of progress from start to finish with our advanced analytics tools. 
Create assessments, case studies, quizzes and flashcards on to supercharge retention. 

Bite-sizing brought to life

To show you first hand the impact bite-sizing can have, we've bite-sized Netflix's famous culture deck. Originally over 125 slides long, we've condensed it down to a 3 minute long video. 

Our bite-sized version delivers all the key information in a fraction of the time. Imagine the time saved and productivity gained by applying this to internal training and enablement.

See how 5Mins can transform your internal training

Explore 5Mins further with one of our learning experts and see why employees in 70+ countries love learning with 5Mins.

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