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Leadership development and manager training modernised

With over 6000 microlessons, assessments, and case studies coupled with automated skill journeys, provide your upcoming and existing managers the tools they need to succeed. 


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Scale deadership development with microlearning

Microlearning improves knowledge development by over 50% and knowledge retention by over 2 years. Deliver the most effective leadership and management training by incorporating microlearning before and after "classroom" sessions.

Pre-Set leadership & manager training playlists which can be customised As needed

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We’ve partnered with top industry brands…

…to bring you lessons from the best instructors in the world 


" mobilises teams with a purpose - to continuously learn and grow. 

Not only have I learnt a lot quickly about giving and getting feedback as a manager, I can now see how my team is upskilling in real-time and address their key development needs!"

Sam Monk-Wilson
Team Leader, Perkbox

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