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We've researched hundreds of job listings and mapped out all the hard AND soft skills for each and every role, across different functions- so you don’t have to! 

Pick the template you need, make a copy and start experimenting.

This is a simple tool that can help you:

Identify strengths and gaps within your team 

Inform your L&D strategy

Track employee development

Skill matrix

What's inside

Our skills matrix templates span across hundreds of hard AND soft skills. Any role. Any function. 

These templates can provide structure and inspire ideas for your L&D strategy. 

It’s a great starting point and can be used straight away or tweaked to fit around your organisation’s goals. 

How to use it

With this template you can:

  • Find the technical and soft skills for every role in your organisation from sales to engineering.
  • Identify which areas your employees need the most help in
  • Track employee development in every department
  • Help managers create an effective learning strategy
  • Identify the strengths within your organisation
  • Promote continuous learning and upskilling
  • Identify where certain skills fit into your L&D priorities 
  • Use in recruitment for new hires 
Skill matrix

See how 5Mins can transform your L&D strategy

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