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Altruistiq is a forward-thinking company that empowers businesses to reduce their carbon footprint in a scalable and data-driven way. By leveraging advanced technology, Altruistiq helps companies measure, manage, and ultimately reduce their environmental impact with precision and accountability. Their innovative solutions facilitate sustainable growth, positioning Altruistiq as a leader in driving environmental change in the corporate world.

    About Altruistiq

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London, UK

Challenges and Approach

Altruistiq faced a challenge: ensuring employees were trained to maintain compliance with ISO certifications while providing diverse learning opportunities for its workforce. The need for an effective, inclusive, and cost-efficient learning platform was essential to their strategy of enhancing learning and development without exhausting their budget and ensuring their employees could still take charge of their L&D.


Finding a learning platform that supported compliance training that offered a wide range of upskilling, including leadership and DE & I was essential for Altruistiq.

Sarah Richardson, Talent Partner at Altruistiq, highlighted their primary focus:

We were looking for a learning platform that can help us be compliant with ISO certification but also offered other learning opportunities for employees"


After evaluating several options, including LinkedIn Learning and Learnably, Altruistiq chose for its bite-sized format, comprehensive content, and its accessibility for the full team. The platform's bite-sized format offered short, impactful videos that fit seamlessly into the employees' busy schedules, facilitating ongoing compliance and personal and professional development without overwhelming their time.

Sarah explained their decision:

The cost of [other platforms] was enormous for what we needed it for. We didn't really have the justification for it... That was one of the biggest reasons we chose — it was lower cost and had lots of really good [content] on it."


Implementation and Impact

The implementation of at Altruistiq was met with great feedback. Employees appreciated the platform's TikTok- style approach, which significantly reduced the time required to reach compliance competency compared to any other learning platform.

It's saved them two to three hours [on their compliance trianing], which adds up to a huge amount when we're looking at an 80- person company." - Sarah Richardson, Talent Partne


From an administrative perspective, excelled in user- friendliness and flexibility. "The fact that we can create playlists easily and push out notifications efficiently is a game changer" Richardson added.

The platform also allowed them to create specialized content playlists for leadership, management, and diversity and inclusion, enhancing engagement and uptake among the team.

Outcomes and Conclusion

Adopting has not only streamlined the compliance process but has also enriched Altruistiq's culture of learning and development. With enhanced features that allow for easy management and tailored learning experiences, Altruistiq has successfully integrated a sustainable, cost-effective learning solution that supports their operational goals, upskilling needs and commitment to DE&I.

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