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Cultivating a Culture of Learning How Liquid Friday Integrated Learning in to Their Culture By Using (1)


At the heart of Liquid Friday's success lies a unique and vibrant culture. This culture, characterised by fun, creativity, and continuous learning, is not just a part of the organisation's identity but a driving force behind its strategic initiatives, including L&D.

Liquid Friday came into the learning solution market looking for a tool that was easy to use, that made it straightforward for their team to upskill, and more importantly, appealed to their team and fit with their culture.

By partnering with, Liquid Friday seamlessly integrated a cutting-edge learning platform into the fabric of its dynamic work environment, showcasing how technology and culture can combine to create a unique and integrated learning ecosystem.

About Liquid Friday

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The solution with stood out as the right option for Liquid Friday. With most of their team being customer-facing and time-poor, was the only tool that resonated with their dynamic culture while fitting their busy workforce’s schedules.

In terms of content everything we needed was already there. And there's obviously a lot of different content creators, so it suits what everyone's looking for!” - Lara Biggs, Head of People 

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Activation rate Provided Liquid Friday with:

Customised Learning Experiences: provides content that aligns with the professional growth objectives of each employee, while seamlessly fitting into the overarching learning culture created by the Liquid Friday L&D team.

Engagement Through Fun:

Liquid Friday saw that they could use to integrate learning into their daily activities, and make education an integral and enjoyable part of the workday.

Integrating into Liquid Friday's workflow has become more than just adding a new tool; it's a blend of culture and learning. The L&D team celebrates various events, from historical figures' birthdays to mental health days, by focusing on related skills. For instance, Albert Einstein's birthday inspires lessons in strategic thinking and decision-making, while Employee Appreciation Day will focus on feedback skills.'s system allows for the curation of courses with micro-lessons tied to these themes from the vast library, along with the ability for the Liquid Friday team to upload custom content, further enriching their workforce's learning experience.

The Impact

Introducing into Liquid Friday's ecosystem has brought tangible results, reinforcing the belief that learning can and should be an exciting, integrated part of work life.

With over 90% of the team activated on the platform, over 30 learning moments per month per user (on average), and monthly learning programmes, has become embedded in the flow of work for Liquid Friday employees.

But don’t take our word for it! Hear from the Liquid Friday team:

The immediate appeal was the style of it, with it being really quick and easy to access. A lot of our team have quite fast paced jobs, they're on the phone a lot. So just having something that they dip in and out of was something that really appealed to us.

In terms of content everything we needed was already there. And there's obviously a lot of different content creators, so it suits what everyone's looking for!" - Lara Biggs, Head of People has such a wide range of content that we can use it to mirror what's going on in the office. There's been loads of things we've utilised it for, a lot of mental health related themes and some fun bits, like Einstein's birthday!

I think because we use it a lot for our mental health days, where it's quite accessible, there's no pressure to look at it. In the office, the team can take it away and use the app to just do it and process it in their own time." -  Jade McDonald, Senior HR and Payroll Administrator

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