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"5Mins is an excellent answer to our employees' innate curiosity. Curiosity is one of our values, and 5mins has made it easier for our staff to take learning into their own hands where they can pick from an array of business-relevant topics.

We like that we can also share videos with our colleagues or teams, resulting in lively learning discussions. The truly unique feature is the ability to take our own 'lunch and learns' or other internal videos and turn them into bite-size learning for our busy employees."

Mona Akiki,
Chief People Officer


About Perkbox

Perkbox is a London-based rewards and benefits company that provides companies with a SaaS-based HR tech platform. With additional offices in Sheffield and Australia and a globally scattered team, Perkbox serves a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, known for their high-paced and high-energy work environment.

SaaS HRtech
No. of employees
United Kingdom/Australia

Perkbox’s Challenge: Finding Time for Learning and Development (L&D):

Perkbox faced the common challenge of providing valuable learning opportunities to its employees while overcoming time constraints. Although they organized "Lunch and Learn" sessions to share knowledge and foster innovation, timing was often an obstacle. Despite recording these sessions for later access, finding time to listen to lengthy recordings proved difficult for busy employees.

As Mona Akiki, Perkbox's Chief People Officer puts it:

Our challenge is finding the time for learning and development. We've got lots of different types of people, different backgrounds, very busy individuals.

Bite-Sized Learning with 5Mins

Perkbox discovered a solution in 5Mins, a platform that condensed learning content into easily digestible four to five-minute videos. By leveraging 5Mins, Perkbox transformed their internal sessions into bite-sized learning experiences. This approach allowed employees to grasp the main points of discussions without investing excessive time.

What 5Mins allows us to do is take those "Lunch & Learn" sessions and make them into bite-sized content that people can easily consume, regardless of their busy schedules.

Enhanced Learning Accessibility

5Mins enabled Perkbox to curate learning and development playlists. These curated playlists covered various topics such as diversity initiatives and change management training. By distributing these playlists to their teams, Perkbox reinforced the learning process and ensured that the topics remained fresh in employees' minds. This increased accessibility to learning materials supported Perkbox's HR initiatives and fostered continuous development among employees.

What 5Mins does really well is curate information for us and provide us with a playlist just like a Spotify playlist. And we can then again send it out to people on our teams and say, 'Hey, you know, we talked about change management. Here are some little quick videos that you might find interesting.' 

Empowering Self-Driven Learning

With limited resources and budget constraints, Perkbox recognized the need for employees to take ownership of their learning and development journey. By implementing 5Mins, Perkbox empowered individuals to explore new topics and acquire knowledge independently. The platform provided an easily accessible solution that encouraged employees to take charge of their own learning, ultimately fostering a culture of continuous growth and curiosity within the organization.

If you want to learn, there is something out there, it's available to you and it's not complex and it's quite quick. You can just make it part of your day any which way you want.

Affordable and Quick Implementation

5Mins offered Perkbox an affordable and straightforward solution for integrating learning and development into their daily routines. The platform's ease of use and affordability made it a viable option for organizations with limited resources. By effortlessly incorporating 5Mins into their employees' day-to-day activities, Perkbox encouraged a learning culture that was adaptable, efficient, and cost-effective.

It's a solution that you can easily implement. It's actually something that's quite affordable, especially for what you get, and it's something that puts back the ownership on individuals. If you want to learn, there is something out there, it's available to you and it's not complex and it's quite quick. You can just make it part of your day any which way you want.


Through their partnership with 5Mins, Perkbox achieved significant outcomes in their learning and development efforts. By providing bite-sized learning content, Perkbox improved learning accessibility, ensuring that employees could engage with relevant topics without dedicating excessive time. The platform's curated playlists facilitated knowledge retention and reinforced the impact of internal initiatives, further driving interest in the organization's content. Additionally, the affordability and simplicity of 5Mins enabled Perkbox to implement an effective L&D solution that empowered employees to take ownership of their personal growth.


5Mins has allowed our employees to own their learning and development. It's a solution that is easily accessible, engaging, and cost-effective. We've seen increased interest in our internal content, and it has become a valuable tool in empowering our employees to explore different areas of development.

Perkbox's collaboration with 5Mins showcases the value of efficient, self-driven learning in a fast-paced work environment. By leveraging bite-sized content and reinforcing a culture of curiosity and development, Perkbox and 5Mins created a winning combination that aligned with Perkbox's mission to help companies align their people with purpose.

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