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Unleash Your Team’s Potential with LMS Software in Singapore brings the best of the LMS and the LXP worlds to help you accelerate skill development and delivery of company-wide training, without the heavy admin.
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Revolutionise Corporate Training with Our LMS Software

Welcome to 5Mins, where we're reinventing learning for the modern world. Tired of lengthy webinars and day-long training sessions, we decided to condense learning into bite-sized, enjoyable moments. Our passion for learning is at the core of 5Mins, and we're dedicated to reigniting that joy in others. With our fun and efficient approach, we aim to make learning not only effective, but also exciting. Join us on this journey as we transform the way we acquire skills, one enjoyable minute at a time. Welcome to 5Mins, where learning is quick, engaging, and fun!

Our learning management system is a game-changer for HR teams, freeing them from time-consuming admin tasks. Experience a revolution in efficiency today with the benefits of our LMS Systems for business.

5Mins streamlines your HR management effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex reporting, gain invaluable insights to empower strategic decisions, promote year-round learning with ease using our initiatives calendar and pre-made course playlists, and unify talent data systematically for a comprehensive view of your valuable employees.

Our Learning Management Software System is Trusted by
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Explore the Features of Our Next Generation LMS System

Seamlessly Generate Reports

Say goodbye to complex reporting. With 5Mins, generating reports becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Illuminate Skill Gaps

Dive deep into your organisation's skill landscape and gain invaluable insights that empower strategic decisions. No more guesswork – just informed choices.

Empower Year-Round Learning

Transform the learning experience with 5Mins. HR teams can effortlessly promote initiatives year-round, leveraging our initiatives calendar and pre-made course playlists to keep the momentum going.

Unify Talent Data

Bid farewell to scattered information. Our system seamlessly synchronises talent data, offering a comprehensive view of your valuable employees’ learning progress. The future of HR management is here, and it's unified.

Highly Qualified Instructors

Learn from highly-qualified instructors and institutions including:

  • Dr. Armin Trost, a distinguished professor at Furtwangen University, renowned for his HR expertise
  • Clement Kao, a TEDx speaker and former principal product manager at Blend, who unravels the world of product management
  • Riaz Meghji, a communication expert with a stellar career at CTV News and TEDxVancouver
  • The prestigious London Business School

Dive into these courses seamlessly on our user-friendly LMS software.


Boost Engagement by 10x

With 5-10x better engagement than traditional learning management systems, the 5Mins gamified way of learning is loved by employees in Singapore and around the globe. 

Make learning social and rewarding for your people. Leaderboards, points and sharing capabilities keep your talent motivated to learn and upskill every day.

Learning Curriculum Customisation

Create tailored courses with a mix of internal and external content to monitor and manage leadership and development progress. Easily integrate your organisation's programs across the system, craft engaging playlists, and use assessments for comprehensive learning progress tracking.

Gamification of

Empower employees by rewarding them with points and jewels for completing lessons, quizzes, and assessments. These rewards can be exchanged for incentives or charitable contributions. With a team leaderboard, employees can track their rankings and celebrate achievements, making learning engaging and competitive.

Unlike traditional training, where engagement tends to wane, 5Mins’ learning management system offers a more enjoyable experience, motivating employees to stay committed, accumulate points, and compete for leaderboard supremacy among their peers.

Interact with Other Learners and Instructors to Enhance Learning

5Mins fosters a collaborative learning environment where employees can view their peers' progress and effortlessly share lessons via a dynamic social feed. Our LMS software seamlessly integrates with popular communication tools like Slack and Teams, allowing employees to learn within the familiar applications they already use, promoting a more integrated and accessible learning experience.

Track your team's progress in seconds

Watch your team's progress and stay in the loop with a live dashboard. Visualise employee growth over time, spot skills gaps and work together to keep your organisation growing through our learning management system.



The Best of an LMS, All the Benefits of an LXP

At 5Mins, we wrap up all the benefits of a learning management system, bite-size and gamified internal training, and, on top of that, offer the benefits of an LXP through our library of over 20,000 bite-sized lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions About LMS Software in Singapore

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a digital platform for managing, delivering, and tracking training and educational content. It benefits organisations by streamlining training processes, centralising resources, customising learning paths, reducing costs, and providing data-driven insights for improved employee development and compliance training.

Both LXP and LMS serve distinct learning needs. An LMS is a software for internal employee training management, offering structured courses storage, particularly valuable for essential areas like safety, onboarding, and compliance. In contrast, a learning experience platform (LXP) engages learners individually, delivering personalised external content feeds to foster continuous learning habits.

The implementation of 5Mins' LMS is designed to be swift and efficient. The timeline for implementation can vary based on your specific requirements and the size of your organisation. Generally, the process involves setting up your account, customising the platform to your needs, and migrating any existing content or data. Our dedicated support team works closely with you to ensure a seamless and timely implementation process.

This learning management system software offers versatile content options, including video and PDF support, enhancing the learning experience with multimedia and document-based resources.

Your data security is a top priority. We ensure secure access to our learning management software through user roles and permissions, granting varying levels of access to learners, instructors, and administrators to our system. We also prioritise secure login processes and robust data protection measures to safeguard your valuable information.

We partner with a diverse network of over 150 passionate professors, esteemed universities, influential thought leaders, and high-growth companies who bring valuable expertise to our learning management system. This collaborative approach ensures that our content is intellectually sound and tailored to the needs of our learners.

While our LMS courses prioritise gamification to boost user engagement through badges, points, and leaderboards, certifications and accreditations may vary for individual courses. It's advisable to review specific course details within the platform to determine if certifications or accreditations are provided upon course completion.

Rest assured, our LMS is mobile-ready, ensuring seamless accessibility on a wide range of devices, including smartphones. Your learners can engage with the platform anytime, anywhere, making learning flexible and convenient.

While our primary content is in English, we enhance accessibility by offering subtitles in multiple languages. This feature ensures that users with diverse language preferences can benefit from our LMS, fostering inclusivity and broader reach.

Our LMS software content library boasts over 13,000 bite-sized lessons, establishing it as one of the largest employee learning libraries. We are committed to continuous improvement, regularly adding hundreds of new lessons every month. This ensures that your workforce remains up-to-date and well-informed, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Yes, 5Mins' LMS offers the flexibility to integrate with other software and systems. Integration capabilities ensure seamless connectivity with various tools and management platforms that your organisation may already use, such as HRIS (Human Resources Information System) or other software applications. This integration enhances data sharing and streamlines processes, creating a more cohesive and efficient learning and development ecosystem.

5Mins offers comprehensive customer support to navigate our LMS software, including real-time live chat assistance, educational resources like ebooks and guides, engaging events and webinars, and informative blogs. These resources empower users to maximise the benefits of the platform and stay updated on industry trends, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

Our LMS empowers administrators and instructors to tailor the system to their specific needs. You can create unique playlists and courses, ensuring that the learning experience aligns with your organisation's management objectives and requirements.

This LMS is versatile and suitable for a wide range of industries, including corporate, education, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail, government, technology, hospitality, and nonprofits. Its adaptable features cater to diverse learning and training needs, making it a valuable tool for organisations across various sectors in Singapore and beyond.

Our LMS pricing structure is designed to accommodate different organisation sizes, from individuals to small and medium businesses, and even larger enterprises. Volume discounts may apply, and organisations are encouraged to contact 5Mins' team directly to inquire about customised pricing based on their specific team size and requirements.

5Mins streamlines compliance training for busy teams, guaranteeing 100% compliance anytime, anywhere. Our bite-sized, automated courses cut down on management time for HR teams and employees. The Admin Dashboard simplifies distribution and tracking across the system, offering in-depth compliance insights. Expertly vetted courses ensure thorough learning, promptly updated with new regulations. 5Mins combines compliance and learning and development in one software, saving time and hassle.

5Mins' LMS stands out with our unique blend of AI personalisation, bite-sized learning, and gamification, ensuring high learner engagement. Tailored learning paths, short lessons, and a fun, engaging experience set us apart, resulting in 6-8 times higher engagement compared to traditional platforms.