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Leadership Training Software - Developing Next Gen Leaders

Our leadership development platform offers a comprehensive library of micro-lessons, tools and training that managers need to become cutting edge leaders — at any stage of their career.

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Explore the Features of Our Next Generation Leadership Training Software in Singapore

In selecting the 5Mins leadership development platform, organisations are not merely investing in a training solution but gaining access to a repository of expert knowledge. This leadership training library is curated and presented by professionals at the apex of their respective fields. These include software engineers, chief experience officers, and emotional intelligence coaches. 

The platform offers a remarkable array of micro-lessons that impart a broad spectrum of hard, soft, and life skills pertinent to leadership and various business operations. Discover the key features of our platform:

Learning Curriculum Customisation to Meet Evolving Needs

5Mins offers a unique approach to learning curriculum customisation, allowing organisations to tailor leadership training programmes to their specific needs. This is an invaluable software feature that allows for the alignment of learning materials with strategic business objectives. 

Companies can effortlessly integrate their content, from in-house videos to specialised training modules, into the 5Mins platform. The leadership development platform's robust options for gamification, rewards, and skill assessments also enable a highly engaging learning experience. This saves HR and Learning & Development teams time and resources, as they can leverage a comprehensive content library alongside their proprietary materials.


Master a Wide Range of Leadership Skills for Tomorrow's Challenges

Unlock an expansive array of leadership capabilities with 5Mins' meticulously researched skill matrix. Our platform isn't just about checking off skill boxes; it's about developing and forging well-rounded leaders capable of steering high-performing teams. The curriculum spans more than 16+ essential leadership skills—from cornerstone hard skills, such as Commercial Acumen and People Management to soft skills like Emotional Intelligence, so you can build leaders who champion high performing teams.

But we don't stop at conventional leadership training. 5Mins also provides life skills training modules covering crucial topics like Mental Well-being and Stress Management, offering a 360-degree development approach. In doing so, our leadership training software equips your managers to become resilient, adaptable, and highly effective leaders in a complex business landscape.

Learn From 50+ Leadership Instructors through 5Mins Training Software

We know there's no time for you to gather the wisdom of the greatest leadership minds on earth and relay it to your managers. That’s why we do it for you via our leadership development platform.

Our leadership training software offers curated lessons from over 50 world-class instructors, including experts from top universities and industry leaders. Designed to develop and transform your managers into future leaders, our courses feature AI-powered personalisation and real-time progress tracking, integrated with insights from respected institutions and thinkers. 

Learn from the likes of London Business School and groundbreaking thinkers like Professor Armin Trost and Dr Mike Clayton. With 5Mins, you're not just gaining access to courses; you're tapping into a comprehensive, advanced leadership training ecosystem.

AI-powered Skills Pathways Personalised to Each User

5Mins employs sophisticated AI algorithms to automate the creation of individualised learning paths. For HR Directors, this removes the labour-intensive task of manually curating courses for each user. The AI system intelligently analyses user-profiles and recommends lessons pertinent to their career growth and leadership skills development. This platform streamlines the learning process for users and makes it highly relevant to their specific needs. As a result, HR and Learning & Development teams save significant administrative time and resources, while employees benefit from a hyper-personalised learning experience.

Elevate Your Leadership Skills through Customisable Playlists

Within 5Mins' leadership training software, the Playlist feature offers a sturdy solution for targeted skill development. This platform feature enables HR and Learning & Development teams to utilise our expertly curated content or customise their own playlists, focusing on New Manager Development, Hybrid Teams Management, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training. Each course and playlist also incorporates quizzes and assessments, allowing for real-time tracking of employee progress. This adds tangible metrics to leadership development efforts, allowing emerging leaders to demonstrate the ROI of their training. The platform saves organisations the time and expense of creating courses, while also offering expert content in an accessible format.


"5Mins mobilises teams with a purpose - to continuously learn and grow. 

Not only have I learnt a lot quickly about giving and getting feedback as a manager, I can now see how my team is upskilling in real-time and address their key development needs!"

Sam Monk-Wilson
Team Leader, Perkbox

Don’t Just Scratch the Surface…

The Playlist feature in our leadership training software provides in-depth coverage of topics such as New Manager Development, Hybrid Teams Management, and DEI Training. Playlists are customisable and give you an opportunity to address the most relevant topics for your team in Singapore. Or just use our carefully curated playlists to cover these topics for you. 

See how 5Mins can transform your leadership development efforts

5Mins is changing the way employee learning and skills enhancement is delivered - providing powerful and easy-to-use learning and development software in Singapore. What sets us apart is our combination of personalised skills-based training, bite-sized learning, and gamification, which drives up to 8x greater engagement than traditional platforms. Elevate your team's capabilities and stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment. Don't miss out—request a demo of our leadership training software and integrate 5Mins into your organisation's learning and development strategy today.


FAQs about Leadership Development Software in Singapore

A leadership development platform is an invaluable tool for any organisation in Singapore looking to build up the capabilities of their management team. By providing personalised and interactive learning experiences, the right leadership training software can equip managers with the necessary tools to become influential and effective leaders within the workplace. Besides developing leadership teams, businesses can also consider 5Mins’ microlearning platform for corporate learning to boost overall workforce upskilling.

Effective leadership is a critical component to the success of any business in Singapore. Great managers know how to nurture a productive team culture, build relationships, and drive performance. Leadership development platforms thus come in handy to provide managers with ample opportunity to sharpen their interpersonal and organisational skills in order to become more effective leaders. By using a leadership training software, managers can build upon existing skills while working towards mastering new ones that will enhance their success as leaders of organisations.

When it comes to investing in a leadership development platform subscription, it is important to evaluate how much value you are receiving for the cost. Every platform offers a different selection of tools, courses and resources which can affect the price. On average, subscription prices range from $9 for each user per month, depending on the number of users in your company in Singapore. To find out more, you can request a demo and give our leadership training software a try.

You can measure the success of our leadership development software through post-programme tests and evaluation, such as course completion rates and skill assessment scores. Our platform offers real-time tracking and analytics features that provide insights into each individual's learning progress. This data-driven approach allows you to assess ROI and make informed decisions about your organisation's leadership development strategy.

Our instructors are carefully selected through a rigorous vetting process that includes an assessment of their academic qualifications, industry expertise, and teaching experience. We collaborate with top-tier businesses and universities to ensure the content is relevant and cutting-edge. The aim is to offer diverse perspectives and expertise in leadership development so your teams learn from the best in the field.

5Mins sets itself apart by offering a blend of personalised, skills-based training in bite-sized modules, facilitated by world-class instructors. Our use of AI-driven learning pathways and gamification significantly boosts user engagement, outperforming traditional platforms. The flexibility to customise curricula and integrate your own content makes it a comprehensive software for leadership training in Singapore and beyond.

5Mins’ corporate e-learning platform prioritises data security, adhering to international standards and compliance regulations to ensure your information remains confidential and protected. Our robust encryption protocols and secure data storage facilities provide multiple layers of security. Regular audits and stringent access controls further fortify the safety of your data, giving you peace of mind as you focus on leadership development. Read our Privacy Policy page for more information on data privacy.

Yes. You can upload your own leadership development content into the 5Mins platform. Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate in-house materials, allowing you to create custom playlists and assessments. This flexibility lets you combine your organisation's expertise with our extensive library, offering your team a comprehensive and tailored learning experience.