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AI-powered microlearning platform for corporate learning

5Mins AI-based microlearning platform has everything you need to learn fast and effectively whilst having fun with your teammates.

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Data-Driven Learning Paths

Tell us about your role, experience and aspirations to create your unique learning path on our microlearning platform.
Our in-depth skills matrix matches you to the key skills your role demands. So you can develop in the right direction, right away.






Advanced Content Matching

The 5Mins algorithm creates a personalized library and daily recommendations based on your needs and interactions.
Discover an endless stream of cutting-edge insights from your industry's experts and never be short of inspiration.

Learn and Earn

Earn Skill Points through interactive quizzes and collect Jewels to exchange for Rewards and donations.
Celebrate corporate learning achievements across your organization with a dynamic, interactive social feed. Stay up-to-date on all the latest Kudos, Badges, Skill Points, and more as you share and celebrate the success of your team members.


All features of our AI-based learning software

See the overview of all features available in 5Mins AI-based microlearning software.

iOS and Android App

Learn on the go with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Course Marketplace

Get in-depth and purchase long-form courses from your favorite 5Mins coaches in the marketplace.

Daily Lesson Recommendations

Get three lessons delivered to you each day personalized to your role and interests, all powered by AI.

Intelligent Notifications

Daily notifications help you create a learning habit and email nudges give you recommendations straight to your inbox.

Jewels and Skill Points

As you learn you’ll earn Jewels and Learning Points, these will help you climb leaderboards and be the best.

Bespoke Playlists

Experience expertly curated playlists that will keep you up to date with the essential skills you need for your role.

20+ Languages

Learning with 5Mins is accessible to all thanks to video subtitles in over 20 languages.

Advanced Search

Find exactly what you’re looking for with intelligent searching capabilities.

Collaborative Learning

Learn with others through one-click sharing and an integrated social feed that shows you how your colleagues are learning in 5Mins.


Answer quizzes after video lessons to cement your knowledge. Earn Skill Points with every correct answer to climb rankings. 

Progress Tracking

See detailed analytics of the skills you’re building and how your corporate learning is progressing over time.

Calendar Integration

Easily create a learning habit by integrating daily learning reminders into your calendar.

Why Get Your AI-based Microlearning Software from 5Mins?

5Mins, a corporate e-Learning platform, gives learners based in Singapore and globally a fast and easy way to learn with its AI-based microlearning software platform. This modern platform for corporate learning helps individuals increase their knowledge with personalized skills paths according to their role, function and aspirations. Through the platform's advanced artificial intelligence techniques, learners can get an endless stream of relevant micro-learning according to their expertise. 

Furthermore, the software platform guides learners with quizzes to assess their progress and enhance their learning at the end of each micro-lesson. The interactive microlearning process then feeds back into the system, allowing it to tailor its library and recommendations even further to the learner's needs and understanding. 

For employers, 5Mins is an effective software solution for developing employee skill sets without sacrificing valuable time or resources they would have spent on lengthy training programmes. The AI-based microlearning software platform allows employees to rapidly build up their skills while reducing expenses by eliminating long term investments like seminars or workshops.

For skills enhancing, career advancement opportunities and personal enrichment, 5Mins AI-based microlearning software platform provides a personalized educational experience tailored to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About AI-based Microlearning Platforms

Microlearning is a powerful concept for learners seeking to expand their knowledge with short, engaging lessons that can be recalled quickly. Encompassing multimedia elements, as well as interactive activities, microlearning focuses on mastering specific concepts rather than just brushing up on general information. 

Microlearning allows employees to develop skills which can be applied in real life situations and offers them quicker pathways for keeping up with technological and industry advancements. In a world where the rate of change often outpaces the ability to learn effectively, microlearning gives employees an opportunity to give and receive knowledge more quickly and efficiently.

AI-based learning software is a type of technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to facilitate personalized learning experiences based on the needs and abilities of an individual. AI-based software interacts with learning materials in much the same way as a human instructor, analyzing certain behaviors or activities to better understand how to meet the learners needs and adjust subject matter or tasks accordingly.

This allows learners to easily acquire new skills by accessing  content more quickly and with greater accuracy while potentially cutting down on times previously spent searching for resources. AI-based learning software provides an innovative approach to traditional training that can improve outcomes or experiences regardless of how novice or experienced the learner may be.

5Mins is leading the charge to make microlearning a mainstream tool through their software that utilizes AI technology. This software has been tailored to deliver customized, bite-sized learning experiences, making it ideal for busy professionals and for team-based corporate learning. The use of AI allows 5Mins to intelligently curate content, track progress and then adjust future learning accordingly. With the help of AI, learners can access the microlearning software platform any time and from anywhere, giving them complete control over their own learning experience. 5Mins' innovative approach is revolutionizing the way people learn today by tailoring experiences to each individual's specific needs and helping them accomplish their personal objectives faster, while having more fun.

Conventional training often tends to be less engaging, leading to reduced learner involvement. However, 5Mins offers a unique and motivating learning experience. Our platform promotes learner commitment through elements like leaderboards and points, fostering healthy competition among peers. By analyzing factors such as job roles, functions, goals, and individual interests, our AI tailors personalized learning paths. This ensures that learners' access is not only pertinent but also highly engaging, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Absolutely. Our platform is designed to cater to learners of all proficiency levels. Thanks to our AI-driven technology, we excel at tailoring courses to match the expertise, job roles, functions, goals, and interests of each individual. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned pro, our platform ensures that your learning journey is both relevant and effective.

Customizing your learning journey on our microlearning platform is a straightforward process. Begin by creating a detailed profile where you provide information about your role, experience, and career aspirations. Select your area of expertise, whether it pertains to customer success, engineering, or other domains. Share the tools that enhance your job effectiveness and express your interest in various business functions. Additionally, you can specify your desire to develop essential life skills.

Once your profile is complete, you'll receive daily, personalized lessons tailored to your preferences. These concise, bite-sized recommendations are ideal for cultivating a consistent learning routine, even when you're on the move. Moreover, you have the flexibility to shape your learning path by choosing from a diverse library of hard, soft, and life skills, ensuring a well-rounded professional development experience.

5Mins offers a diverse range of content designed to enhance both your professional and personal skills. Our platform provides short, easily digestible video lessons crafted by leading experts in their respective fields. With over 20,000 lessons available, you have access to a TikTok-styled content library that includes  15,000+ 2-minute skill-based micro-lessons delivered by esteemed professors and high-growth companies.

These lessons encompass a wide array of topics, ensuring that your teams have the resources they need to thrive. Whether you're training a new intern or upskilling your C-Suite executives, our platform is equipped to support your growth objectives. Additionally, we enhance the learning experience through gamification and social features, making the process engaging and enjoyable. For those seeking to expand their knowledge further, we also provide access to a built-in marketplace where you can purchase long-form courses.

Absolutely, 5Mins is a versatile microlearning platform that can seamlessly accommodate organizations of varying sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our platform is tailored to meet your unique learning and development needs. It doubles as an L&D software, functioning as an effective tool to efficiently deliver on L&D objectives, fostering continuous learning across the entire company.

Our AI-based learning platform's time efficiency and ease of implementation are notable advantages. Our concise video courses allow time-pressed teams to learn quickly and effectively, typically requiring only 5-10 minutes a day. This approach ensures that teams can acquire valuable knowledge without the need for extended traditional learning sessions, minimizing disruptions to their work schedules.

Certainly, 5Mins offers seamless integration with all major HR systems, enabling the alignment of learning initiatives with your organization's broader framework. Implementing our platform is straightforward and hassle-free, making it a practical choice for HR managers. With access to an extensive library of bite-sized content, HR and L&D teams can also bypass the time-consuming task of content creation and curation. Instead, they can concentrate on strategic initiatives and foster a culture of continuous learning throughout the organization.

We are committed to ensuring that our platform remains current and relevant. As a result, we regularly augment our content library with new additions. Our platform sees the introduction of hundreds of new lessons each month. This continuous content expansion ensures that our users are always kept up-to-date with the latest insights and knowledge, contributing to their ongoing professional growth and development.

Our support includes secure communication channels for sharing necessary information via a spreadsheet. Additionally, we arrange personalized introduction sessions to acquaint you and your teams with our microlearning platform for corporate learning. What also sets us apart is our hands-on approach; our dedicated team members from 5Mins will personally guide you through the onboarding process. Unlike traditional services that rely on training videos, our approach ensures a more engaging and effective onboarding experience for your employees.

User feedback is integral to our continuous improvement process. We actively gather insights from learners, assessing content based on their comments and ratings. This feedback guides updates to lessons, ensuring relevance and accuracy. It also refines personalization algorithms, tailoring learning paths to individual preferences and goals. With ongoing content expansion and quality assurance, we maintain a dynamic and valuable learning experience.

Absolutely, our microlearning platform is designed to be incredibly mobile-friendly. You can conveniently access our platform via a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. With the app, you can easily watch lessons from your preferred instructors, share content with your colleagues, and monitor your progress — all while on the move. To get started, simply download the 5Mins app from your preferred app store and embark on your skill-building journey today, free of charge!

Indeed, we are dedicated to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all learners. Our microlearning platform offers multi-language support, with video subtitles available in over 20 languages. This feature enables individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds to engage with our content effectively, breaking down language barriers and facilitating a more inclusive learning experience.

Ensuring the quality of our content is of paramount importance to us. We maintain a rigorous content curation process that involves collaborating with a network of 150+ expert instructors and subject matter experts. These esteemed professionals contribute their expertise to create engaging and informative lessons. Additionally, we employ regular quality assessments and user feedback mechanisms to continuously refine and enhance our content, guaranteeing that it meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

What truly distinguishes 5Mins' AI-based microlearning platform in Singapore and beyond the gamified learning experience that we deliver. This approach yields a 5-10x improvement in engagement compared to traditional corporate eLearning platforms. Employees in Singapore and globally appreciate the interactive and rewarding nature of our platform, which fosters a social learning environment. Features like leaderboards, point systems, and sharing capabilities motivate and incentivize talent to embrace continuous learning and skill enhancement on a daily basis.