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Develop your team with ease

Empower your employees to build the skills they need and engage them with a learning experience they’ll love.




Engage and motivate everyone

Give your employees an ultra-engaging experience gamified with team and company leaderboards and a social feed to spark collaboration.

Recognise your team’s learning by sending kudos and encourage them to continually learn.

“The usage and engagement from employees and managers has far exceeded anything I have seen with our previous learning platforms.”

Mira Lerssi - Global Blue
HR Business Partner

Launch L&D initiatives in minutes, not weeks

Launch company-wide initiatives on topics like diversity and inclusion, hybrid working and mental health with a single tap.

Create custom playlists with your own content and share them for onboarding in seconds.



Measure the impact of learning with deep insights

Track the skills employees are building, identify where they have skill gaps and guide them on their learning journey.

View your team’s learning progress in real-time and easily see the impact learning is creating in your organisation.


All features

See the overview of all features available in 5Mins for Teams and Admins

Real-time Reporting

See detailed analytics of the skills your employees are building, the lessons they’ve watched and the account activation rate.

Skill Maps

View the in-demand skills that every role needs to thrive. Use our prebuilt maps based on detailed research of hundreds of roles, or create your own custom ones.

Skill Matrix

Take an organisation-wide look at how your employees are progressing in building hard and soft skills.


Explore our library of playlists on topics like DEI and leadership, or create custom playlists to support your initiatives and the onboarding of your employees.

Video Uploading

Upload your own custom content to the 5Mins platform and get it out there fast with one-click video sharing.

20+ Languages

Make learning accessible to your global workforce thanks to video subtitles in over 20 languages.

Easy Course Sharing

Encourage collaboration with one-click sharing of lessons amongst employees and teams.

Team Leaderboards

Foster friendly competition with team and company-wide learning leaderboards.

Company Social Feed

Create a learning community with a learning-based social feed that encourages interaction and celebration.

Social Causes

Complement CSR initiatives by donating to charity through 5Mins with rewards earnt through learning. 

HR Integrations

Easily connect 5Mins to all leading HR platforms to tie learning into the rest of your organisation.

Courses Marketplace

Empower your employees to learn more with a built-in marketplace to purchase additional long-form courses.