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LXP: eLearning that's easy to love.

Give every employee the most engaging learning experience with 5Mins in Singapore.

With our Learning Experience Platform (LXP), it takes employees minutes to learn and leaders minutes to manage. Helping you to develop and retain your talent in the simplest way.

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Explore the next generation
eLearning Platform in Singapore

With bite-sized lessons from top instructors, AI-driven skills personalisation and advanced gamification - it’s now easier than ever to engage your talent no matter their role, expertise or location.


Help your employees build relevant skills

Through our corporate eLearning platform, you can now give your teams a custom AI-driven learning plan based on meticulous and unique skills-based research.

Engage with a learning experience that’s as diverse as your workforce in Singapore.







Boost engagement by 10x

With 5-10x better engagement than traditional corporate eLearning platforms, the 5Mins gamified way of learning is loved by employees in Singapore and around the globe.

Make learning social, gamified and rewarding for teams. Leaderboards, points and sharing capabilities keep your talent motivated to learn and upskill every day.


World-leading experts in bite-sized form

We make learning easy to find and engaging to complete so every employee reaches their potential, fast.

Access 15,000+ 2-minute skill-based lessons from hundreds of professors and high-growth companies.




Track your team's progress in seconds

Watch your team's progress and stay in the loop with a live dashboard. Visualise employee growth over time, spot skills gaps and work together to keep your organisation growing.

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"I would have no hesitation in recommending 5Mins to any size of company - it’s helped my team to deliver efficiently on our L&D goals, and has also really driven the whole company to learn."

Jo Bean

Chief People Officer

See how 5Mins can transform your L&D strategy

Interested in leveraging an engaging eLearning software for your organisation? Explore 5Mins further with one of our learning experts and see why employees in 70+ countries – including Singapore – love learning with 5Mins.


Frequently Asked Questions about LXP in Singapore

Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) are corporate e-learning software tools that support continuous employee learning and development in companies. Employees can get access to personalised course recommendations and work towards achieving their learning goals, whether it be gaining a new skill or improving on an existing one. An LXP can offer a streamlined, one-stop solution for businesses looking to provide resources and materials that meet the specific needs of their employees in Singapore. This type of platform typically provides an engaging, and interactive learning experience, with features such as gamification, social learning, and micro-learning modules. A robust LXP could be the key to unlocking better business results by transforming workforce upskilling into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Even though traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been around for some time, Learning Experience Platforms or LXPs offer a more modern approach for businesses looking to enhance learner engagement. An LXP encourages self-paced eLearning with better customisation of corporate training materials according to employees’ needs. This allows for faster employee onboarding, improved retention rates and an overall better level of employee engagement. LXP software like 5Mins’ AI-based learning platform also comes equipped with gamification capabilities that make the learning process more interactive, immersive and enjoyable.

The price of Learning Experience Platforms or LXPs can vary in Singapore. Generally speaking, the cost of implementation and system maintenance could start from a few hundred dollars per month depending on the scope of your company's learning requirements. Take the time to carefully compare costs and features to determine the best solution for your business’ needs. To get started, you can check out the pricing of our monthly plans. 

5Mins is a learning experience platform for businesses to train their teams through short-form, straight-to-the-point micro-lessons. We give your employees access to an extensive library of workplace L&D content, with 15,000+ microlessons covering everything your teams need to thrive. Whether you need to train your newest intern or upskill your C-Suite, our 150+ expert instructors cover the hard, soft and life skills to help your people grow. Gamification and social features make learning fun for teams ensuring your employees will stay engaged in learning.