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Armin Trost

Professor Armin Trost has been teaching and researching at the Business School of Furtwangen University in Germany since 2005. For many years, he has successfully advised companies of all sizes and industries on strategic human resources management issues and is now on 5Mins to share his HR expertise.

 People Management    Learning Program Design & Delivery    Recruitment & Retention    Organisational Development  



Upskill with innovative micro-lessons from Hibob, who are leading the way for the future workplace and is trusted by more than 2,500 multinational companies.

 Recruitment & Retention    Employee Engagement    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion    Organisational Development  

Tom Haak and Natal Dank

Natal Dank & Tom Haak

Natal Dank is an influential figure within the international HR community and recognised as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement. Tom Haak is the director of  the HR Trend Institute. Join them both on 5Mins to take your HR knowledge to the next level.

 Performance Management    Employee Engagement    People Management    Organisational Development  

Sheryl Miller

Sheryl Miller

Deliver a safe, fair and inclusive work environment. Learn how to empower employees with micro-lessons from Diversity Consultant and best-selling author, Sheryl Miller.
 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion    Recruitment & Retention    Performance Management    Business Development    Communication 



Trusted by over 5000 businesses across 34 countries, Perkbox know exactly how to keep employees happy, healthy and motivated. Join us as they share their top tips on how companies can care for, connect with and celebrate their employees.

 Employee Engagement    Employee Wellbeing    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion    Organisational Development 

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"5Mins covers so many areas in the HR field, from recruitment to how to get the best out of your managers. The bite-sized nature of the 5Mins learning experience gives it a clear edge over the other learning platforms I have used"

Kevin Cockburn
HR Director, Learn Direct
kevin cockburn