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The Bite-sized Marketing Academy

Arm your marketing team with the know-how and insights from leading marketing experts, professors and companies. Upskill fast for every marketing skill from Brand development to SEO optimisation.

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Learn from the biggest names in the industry

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Ahrefs is the market-leading SEO tool used by Facebook, Uber, Netflix and thousands more companies. Through our micro-lessons, you'll learn how to grow organic traffic on Google, improve visibility on YouTube, and establish your online presence through various marketing channels.

 Marketing Strategy    SEO    Brand Development    Social Media Marketing    Affiliate Marketing   

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Dr Dustin York

Dr Dustin York is a highly awarded Associate Professor at Maryville University, speaker, author and trainer. His work in public relations and social media include: the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign, Pepsi Co. and Nike. Catch all his expertise in 5Mins!

 Marketing Strategy    Brand Development    Public Relations    Social Media Marketing   

Mention Me

Mention Me

Mention Me are world leaders in referrals. Their programmes have delivered more than 4m referrals totalling £1bn+ in revenue for 450+ brands around the globe.

 Brand Development    Commercial Acumen    Viral & Referral Marketing    Marketing Strategy  


Hey Dominik

Dominik is the founder of MVRQ marketing agency. His main mission at 5Mins is to show you what's possible in terms of social media marketing.

 Social Media Marketing 

Lets talk about branding

Let's Talk Branding

Stef co-founded a branding studio, named Ollie and he's been a designer for 10 years. He started Let’s talk branding to share his learnings in branding and design over his career.

 Brand Development    Marketing Strategy      Graphic & Digital Design   

Elif Hiz

Elif Hiz

Join Elif Hiz for all things digital marketing! She is a former professor at George Brown College and now Head of Marketing at Ninja Squad NFT after years of running campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

 Marketing Strategy    Brand Development    Public Relations    Social Media Marketing    Email Marketing   

Brand Master Academy

Brand Master Academy

Brand Master Academy is where brand-builders turn to get actionable brand strategy advice, techniques and processes. Featured in Hubspot and Marketo. 

 Brand Development    Pricing Strategy     Questioning & Discovery    Sales Process    Closing & Objection  Handling    Data Analysis & Reporting    Sales Strategy    Negotiation    Questioning & Discovery    Sales Process    Closing & Objection  Handling    Data Analysis & Reporting   

Popular Micro-lessons in the Marketing Academy


Become a T-Shaped Marketer

Access all the hard and soft skills you need to become a well-rounded marketing expert.

Our library, personalised recommendations and learning paths ensure you get in-depth knowledge of every area and skill that goes into successful marketing—from Branding and Content to SEO and CRO. 






Stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world

Our micro-lessons are the fastest way for busy marketers and managers to boost their marketing knowledge.

Always stay ahead of the curve with our constantly updated library packed with the latest and greatest techniques for marketing your business. From copywriting for viral captions and blogs to brand development!


For the Data-Driven Marketers

Build your technical depth to navigate the modern world of marketing. We help you learn all the technical skills marketers need, such as data analysis, increasing ROIs and using Excel to pull reports. So you can be a performance-driven marketer with just a few minutes.



"In the past I’ve used many other platforms such as Coursera and edX. The short-form nature of the lessons on 5Mins makes them much more engaging and effective."

Pam Molino
Digital Marketing Executive, Cushon
Pam Molino